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Q A Engineering Ltd. is a group of professionals specializing in providing Owner Confidence through the design and implementation of QA/QC programs as well as owners representation services. The principle, Randall Eckert,  P.Eng., is a Metallurgical engineer with over 15 years experience acquired both domestically and internationally. Others in the group represent the fields of failure analysis, mechanical, welding, civil, structural, electrical and controls engineering as well as associates providing quality control and inspection services.

Q A Engineering Ltd. is uniquely qualified to provide Quality Assurance services which are defined as the procedures which, when followed, will result in a project which has attained and will maintain the levels of quality and performance as set out in the project goals. Quality Assurance provides the systems which enable the project group to forecast, document and prevent quality problems. Upon the successful implementation of the QA procedures, we are then well qualified to provide Quality Control services, which are defined as those steps taken to verify the design, fabrication and erection through physical testing and inspection of equipment and materials in the suppliers’ shops and in the field.

Q A Engineering Ltd. has recent and extensive experience in the role of "Owners Representative" which will aid to ensure all contractors/suppliers meet with their contractual obligations with respect to costs, engineering deliverable, schedules and quality, among other issues.


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