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From project conception through to project completion, Q A Engineering Ltd. is uniquely qualified to provide the  engineering services required to furnish the project owner with a high level of confidence that all project goals will be met. In order to set the project Quality goals and to ensure their compliance, Q A Engineering Ltd. has extensive experience in providing any or all of the following services;


Project Quality Execution Plan

Q A Engineering Ltd. excels at providing consultation on establishing the project execution plan which sets the basic levels of quality to be adhered to. Consideration to "levels" of quality must be given in order to best maximize budget considerations and to assist in determining the amount of inspections required.

QA/QC Manuals

Q A Engineering Ltd. is well regarded in the authoring of detailed and project specific QA Manuals which will outline the inspection and test plans as well as the detailed actions to be followed to achieve project goals.

Specifications and Purchase Contracts

One of the most basic steps to assure quality is to provide all prospective suppliers a clear and detailed scope of supply. To ensure this, Q A Engineering Ltd. has proven experience assisting in the development of equipment specifications and contract clauses, as they pertain to quality, as well as prepare a "shortlist" of qualified suppliers.

Supplier Surveillance

Q A Engineering Ltd. can draw upon it's extensive experience with many industry sectors and assess the list of equipment procured and prepare a detailed plan for vendor surveillance which takes into account the criticality and redundancy of the equipment as well as the vendor's experience and abilities. Vendor visits result in a detailed report which will aid project personnel including engineering, procurement, expediting, scheduling, construction management as well as assist with the on-going maintenance of the equipment.

Field QA/QC

In addition to designing the field QA/QC Program including inspection requirements and frequency, Q A Engineering Ltd. has relevant experience in the performance of auditing services ranging from full time on-site owners representation to periodic contractor auditing, ensuring full compliance with the contractors' contractual obligations.

"Turn-Over" Packages

In order to ensure the requirements of the applicable regulatory body requirements,

warranty requirements and the on-going maintenance, Q A Engineering Ltd. will assist in the compilation of all quality documents, manuals and associated documents in the formation of a formal "Turn-Over" package at project completion.

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