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Q A Engineering Ltd. has been successfully involved in numerous large capital cost projects including upgrades, additions or refurbishment’s. A partial list of these projects sorted by disciplines is as follows: 

Oil and Gas 

·                     Pressure vessels

·                     Chemical reactors

·                     Piping

Power Generation

·                     New boiler construction

·                     Boiler rebuilds

·                     Pressure vessel inspection

·                     Fuel systems

Lumber Industry 

·                     Parallel strand lumber press

·                     Orientated strandboard 

Pulp and Paper 

·                     De-inking systems

·                     Paper machines

·                     OCC additions/expansions


·                     Secondary treatment facilities



  ·                     Tanks

  ·                     Heat exchangers

  ·                     Corrosion Prevention


·                     Conventional Boilers

·                     Fluidized bed boilers

·                     Recovery Boilers

·                     Piping systems 


·                     Particle board

·                     Sawmills


·                     Chlorine Dioxide systems

·                     CTMP Rebuilds

·                     Digester repairs


·                     Sludge treatment





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